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Dear tumblr, and everyone else

This will be my final and last post. I have no intentions of using tumblr anymore. Everything has change. Theres no need for me, myself, and i to be on this site anymore. I need to learn not to make mistakes again. There were good and bad times, i cherish the goods and wash away the bad. Memories stay, people go. Expressing your feelings up here is pointless, like a dull pencil. All that lovey dovey stuff is shit, fakes, lies. Signing off.

MG Leonardo Howard Hao Ngo.

Final words. 
I will not quit now, I’ve come too far to quit, beside you’re not a girl that worth quitting on. Because I’m still in love with you.
i would love that, pretend that all the bad things we have got our selfs into. All the arguments, all the fights, wipe away all the tears. You may not like me, and the feelings aren’t flowing the same way right now, but maybe it could change in the future. We still have things to do together, our adventure books, scrap books, watch a movie every weekend together like we used to. Talk on the phone until one fall asleep, like those days where i first met you. Lets travel the world like you wanted to, climb those artificial mountains like you wanted to, go to Victoria secret like you wanted to. Adopt a husky like you wanted to. You wanted to go to Thailand, the Auschitz. i want to take you there. The feelings are not the same now, but i hope that you’ll feel same way as i do. Like you told me, Friendzone are not forever. When you came into my life, it was like the best thing that happen to me. I really don’t want to lose you. i know you’re not ready yet, so i will continue to wait until you’re ready. We still have Prom and Disneyland together, and you want to take a lot of pictures. You wanted to go to japan and dress in one of those tradition dresses, i would love to see you in them. You have a list that need to be fulfill and i will do so, in order for you to be happy. You are still my princess, and apparently I’m still in love with you. You are my everything, everything that I’ve been searching for. The One. Everything i have asked for, and i don’t want it to be better in any other way. i love you for who you are, and just how you are. i won’t quit. I’m still looking forward to the future. Our future. I want to keep you around, because you are what i need to get through the days. I rather lose an argument to you, than lose you to an argument. 

Oppressing and controlling mother.

I am a human being just like you okay? you don’t own me, and i don’t own you. Don’t treat me like a fucken kid. DO NOT BE SO FUCKEN OVERLY PROTECTIVE, I CAN HANDLE THINGS ON MY OWN. I am not an object, therefore you cannot overly control me or oppressing me. Leave the girl i love alone, she have nothing to do with this. You are no longer my mother, and i was never your son. 

I will try everything to make her happy, even if it mean risking my life. Her happiness is my top priority and every priority must be accomplish. I have been around the world. But she has not. Now its my turn to take her around the world, and the first destination is Thailand. She loves Thai cuisine, Muay Thai, and she also want to meet the Beautiful Boxer. We’re just bestfriend, for now. No guys had ever won the title of her best-guy-friend. This make me feel very happy and i have no words to explain how happy i was when she told me that. I have never do so much things for a specific person before, except her. Shes my everything, she had provided me support and cares through my tough times. I have had surgeries on my left part many times before due to a special sickness but thanks to her, i am fully heal. She has change my life dramatically, never expect a girl like this before. Well i just came back from Vegas ^_____^ and i have won her a huge teddy bear, which makes her really happy. Seeing her happy and smile everyday is all ive ask for. July 7th. Anniversary.
Colonel Leonardo Howard H.N. 2nd Class. 6th Battalion. 
I have lost so many people around me in such a short amount of time. Friend comes and go, only truest will stay. Comrades dead or capture, never got to see them again. So what now? its only me, myself and I are left. I have been surrouding by this cloud full of sadness and disappointment around me. Maybe im turning back the old me, the old emo type. The old me doesnt like talking to anyone, and also love to isolate himself. The old me love darkness. The old me like to be alone and away from others. Time to join the others.
2 sleepless night. Me, myself and I.


Just Waiting..

I just want something real and long lasting, I often wonder when will I find someone special to love and cherish?, someone who will love me for who I am just as I will love and respect her for who she is.  Someone who I can be silly with, I want to be able to make her laugh and smile because when I do I know I’m doing something right, Her happiness would be my number one priority so I would do whatever it takes to make sure that she is always smiling. I want us to be bestfriends and lovers at the same time so we can confide in and trust each other. Of course I believe in honesty as the best policy so I would always be upfront with her because she deserves the truth, If I mess up I would do whatever it takes to correct my mistake, whether it’s staying on the phone all night to talk it out or holding her in my arms because I wouldn’t want her to go to sleep mad. Thing is I wouldn’t ever give up on “Us” because I want to let her know that she is worth the fight, I want to assure her that no matter what I’m always going to be by her side because she means everything to me. She will be my princess and I will be her prince. Whether this be a long distance or near relationship it wouldn’t change how I feel about her because the love I feel would be true and through all adversity I know we will make it because our hearts are calling each other. I just hope I find you soon, maybe I’ve already met you or maybe I have yet to meet you, but when I do I know it will be worth the wait. <3

I am still waiting, because shes the one that worth waiting for :’)

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